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Drain The Swamp !!!

January 16, 2016 - We The People took back our Country BACK!

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List of State Representatives Blocking President Trump (find your state and call)


Abortion No Center for Bio-Ethical Reform's pro-life truck-billboard campaign
Accuracy in Academia Restoring traditional academic ethics in our universities
Accuracy in Media "Your Watchdog of the News Media"
Alliance for American Manufacturing What's more patriotic than American Jobs!
The American Cause Pat Buchanan's group: To put our own country, America, first
American Conservative Union Supporting capitalism, the original intent of the Constitution, traditional moral values, and a strong national defense.
American Economic Alert U.S. Business and Industry Council's project: fighting for American companies and jobs
American Life League Pro-life group dedicated to protecting the sanctity of life from conception
American Patrol Report Reporting on the Border.
American Policy Center Exposing the truth on "global warming", Goals 2000, & more
American Land Rights Association Defending YOUR land rights
Americans Against World Empire Opposing U.S. war with Iraq, Kosovo, etc.
Angola Freedom Fighters (UNITA) Founded by Dr. Jonas Savimbi Committee Against U.S. Intervention
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Excellent info on threats to freedom in health care
Becket Fund for Religious Liberty Legal support for religious freedom
Boycott the Communist Chinese Olympics Sign the petition
Congressman Roscoe Bartlett A Maryland Congressman fights for your rights
John Birch Society Fighting the New World Order and threats to individual liberty
California Coalition For Immigration Reform Fighting illegal immigration
Campaign For Liberty Ron Paul's grassroots organization
CATS--Citizens for an Alternative Tax System Abolish the IRS! Enact a sales tax
Center for Immigration Studies Research & analysis of the economic & social impacts of immigration


Britain and America
Doug's Blog The blog of Doug Phillips
Flynn Files Hot news blog by author of "Intellectual Morons" and "Why the Left Hates America"
Home School Blogger Home page features many home school blogs The blog of Howard Phillips
Michael Johns Analysis from a top policy strategist and conservative writer.
News Busters "Exposing and combating liberal media bias"
No Left Turns by the Ashcroft Center
Red State Conservative Blog
Right Links Excellent hub for UK Conservative Bloggers
Right Wing News
The Note by ABC News
Wires From the Bunker by Peter Glover "News, Politics, Culture, & Faith" from the UK


Constitution Party
Democratic Party
Green Party
Libertarian Party
Reform Party
Republican Party